Strains Available in Mooligai

In the family of cannabis there are majorly three types of marijuana you will find. They are; Sativa, Indica and Hybrid.


Sativa is originated from South America with thin green long leaves and uncrowded buds. The strain of Sativa has uplifted the thoughts of cerebral activities, stimulates the creative and imagine corner to be more creative, reduces depression, and helps in seeing things differently for a better prospect. Cannabis has a good effect both physically and mentally and relaxes your body. In this case sativa Afghan Kush strain is one of a kind to consume.


This strain tends to have short and wide leaves with compact and firm buds that are famous for their beneficial physical impacts for example; body ache, muscle pain, migraine, pain due to surgical operations, stress, and anxiety along with insomnia. Feel the ease with Indica.


Hybrid cannabis is made with forming both the sativa and Indica that effects on creative activities along with providing the relief you seek for, from any sort of pain and anxiety.

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